Investment Criteria

Valley Ridge invests in American industry. We look for companies with some combination of…

  • Stability and a history of revenue and profit growth
  • Substantial organic growth potential
  • Differentiated products, services or execution capability
  • Demonstrated expertise that provides competitive advantage
  • Fragmented and/or underserved markets
  • Proprietary technology or regulatory protections
  • Bolt-on acquisition opportunities
  • $20M+ revenue, $5M+ EBITDA, $25-100M TEV and 10% EBITDA margins

Valley Ridge invests in four industrial sectors

Group (9)

Niche Manufacturing

Production that embeds technology in products or is enabled by technology that creates competitive advantage

Group (10)

Business-to-business Services

Commercial services involving the installation, service, repair and replacement of infrastructure or capabilities

Group (11)

Branded Industrial Products

Products typically sold to industrial or commercial customers where brand equity offers tangible market value

Group (13)

Value-added Distribution

Raw materials processing, sub-assembly, semi-finished and finished goods processing, packaging and distribution