Valley Ridge Investment Partners invests in lower-middle-market industrial companies.

We search for companies whose owners are ready to vest control in other hands but who still care about the success of the company and its employees.

We invest in these companies along with growth-focused capital partners who want to invest in businesses, not balance sheets.

Then we help build these good companies into great enterprises that serve their customers and their communities well.

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Provide flexible owner succession planning. As current owner/
manager, you might want to stay right where you are…smoothly transition out of the day-to-day…or confidently hand over the reins. Whichever it is, we’ll make it possible.

Respect current employees and the community. Our aim is to give your strongest people the opportunity to fly higher as the business grows…and to help less-strong performers do better. If there are relationships with other businesses in your community that you want to preserve, then we want to preserve them, too.

Build companies—not only “grow” them. The easiest thing new owners can do is double-down on what’s been working. That’s one way to grow. But we help companies strengthen all facets across leadership, products and services and supporting infrastructure to make companies strong, resilient and scalable—that’s what we call building.

Ensure a great fit between company and investors. Valley Ridge does not bring blind or entirely passive capital to a transaction because, in our view, passive money isn’t aligned money. Instead, we bring investors who have expertise in the sector and who, like us, have the business’s best interests at heart.

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Our Investor Partnerships…

Value the operational expertise that investors can contribute. We form close, ongoing working relationships with company managers, so as our capital partner, you can choose whatever level of operational involvement suits you best. And we greatly value investor sector and business expertise—it contributes to success for all.

Assess investment opportunities thoroughly and forthrightly. We do our homework, and once we believe in the growth opportunity a business offers, we make it easy for potential investors to come up to speed on the opportunity with great confidence–because we unflinchingly present the business’s strengths, weaknesses and potential.

Maintain alignment on goals and transparency on progress. Building a business has inevitable twists and turns, and the continuing strength of a partnership depends on communication. We provide transparent progress reporting with frank, honest assessment of performance to plan.

Provide custom exit opportunities as investor needs evolve. Just as we work with business owners to customize their transitions into a transaction, we’ll do what’s needed to make your transition out flexible and successful.